How to send money from México to Colombia?

Send money from Mexico to Colombia
In this post I will tell you how to send money from Mexico to Colombia in a safe way, with a cheaper commission and it arrives instantly.

Transferring money from one country to another is very common, but in most cases the cost of the sending commission is quite high and it usually takes many hours or even days to arrive. Here I am going to talk about how to send money from Mexico to Colombia safely and super fast, although this method works to send from any other country. 

With this option it is possible to recharge the Colombian bank and app of your choice (Nequi, Daviplata).

You can send money from Mexico to Colombia at low costs.

On average, the cost of sending money from another country is about 5% of the value sent and it takes about 3 days. Which is quite unfair considering that there is a much cheaper and faster alternative for you to send money  to Colombia, although you could do it from any country, through the Bixxus platform.

In Bixxus Store you can make the shipment paying with cryptocurrencies, the cost per shipment is much cheaper than any other entity and the person receives as soon as the transaction is confirmed, that is about 30 minutes approximately.

Advantages of using Bixxus to send Money to Colombia

  • The money arrives instantly to Colombia if it is Nequi, Daviplata or Bancolombia. For other banks it depends on your schedule.
  • You save time and travel
  • You pay really low commissions
  • You don’t need documentation
  • You receive the money directly to the account you need.

To which banks can I send money

For your money to arrive instantly you can do it to:

  • Nequi
  • Daviplata
  • Bancolombia

Depending on the bank’s schedule it may take a little longer, but you can still send it to:

  • Banco Av. Villas
  • Bank of Bogotá
  • Banco Popular
  • Banco de Occidente

Steps to make a money transfer

  1. In the Bixxus platform click on SELL CRIPT.
How to send money from mexico to colombia
Clic in send money to Colombia

2. Select the product to be recharged

3. Fill in the data such as name, account number and value according to the case.

4. Send the amount of cryptocurrencies requested by the system.

Important: send the amount shown by the system.

¿Cómo puedo comprar criptomonedas para hacer el envío?

If this is your case and you do not have cryptos, you can acquire them with a few simple steps, and then send them through Bixxus, although you must go through one more process, you will save a lot of money and time in your next money transfers from Mexico to Colombia and you can do it from almost anywhere in the world.

The purchase of cryptocurrencies can be done through the Binance platform, here we show you how to do it.

So now you know how to send money from Mexico to Colombia saving time and money, if you have any questions remember that we have support to guide you through the process.

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