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Bixxus is a platform of products and services oriented to satisfy the needs of the bitcoin community in the world. With Bixxus it is possible to live without cash.

Yes, Bixxus S.A.S is a company registered and supervised in Colombia. Our NIT is 901289036-4.

We are a company governed by Colombian legislation and our main value is personalized and timely customer service.

Yes, we have a strict data policy in compliance with current regulations and we do not share your sensitive data with anyone except a court order.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, it is not backed by any country or bank and can be used anywhere in the world by anyone with a computer or smartphone and internet access.

Here you can learn more about what Bitcoin is.

It is our portal for the sale of products and services with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We work to have everything a bitcoiner needs.

It is an exchange where you can buy or sell Bitcoin in Colombian pesos (COP) quickly and easily. Validate your account and enter your bank details and you are ready to buy or sell Bitcoin.

No, the Bixxus Exchange accounts and the store are separate. To use both you must create an account in each one separately.

The fastest way is through WhatsApp. We have two numbers according to the platform you require help.

You can also write to us at soporte@bixxus.com or create a ticket here.


There are many platforms where you can buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It all depends on the country you are in.
Some of the best known are:

We accept payments from any real bitcoin or altcoin wallet. On some websites like AirTM or Exchanges, payments may take time to disburse, but your order will still be processed as long as we receive the requested amount. When sending from an exchange like Binance, you may need to add shipping costs.

Yes, but you should be aware that most exchanges like Bittrex or Binance deduct the cost of sending from the amount you choose to send. To prevent your order from being processed due to insufficient funds, you must find out the exchange’s shipping fee and add it to the amount requested by Bixxus.

Yes, you can pay with localbitcoins and the order will be processed as normal. The important thing is that you copy the amount and the wallet that our system generates exactly.

We don’t require you to create an account to shop, but creating one gives you great benefits, like seeing your order and product history on your dashboard. More importantly, with an account you accumulate Casback in your wallet which you can then use to purchase products.

Cryptocurrency transfers are sent immediately, but take a few minutes to confirm on the blockchain. If your purchase is for a digital product, you will receive it once the transfer is confirmed on the blockchain. If it is another type of service or product, you can consult the terms in the product description.

We only accept payments in cryptocurrencies. We currently accept automatic payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (Doge).

In some cases we can accept other altcoins for which you can contact by WhatsApp.

It is a benefit that we grant to our clients when returning money to their Bixxus wallet after a purchase. Read more here.

It happens that if you mistakenly changed the requested amount or sent your payment from an exchange or other third-party platform, sometimes you may be charged an additional withdrawal fee that is automatically deducted from the amount you send. This results in your payment being made for less than the amount required on the invoice, resulting in a partial payment that may delay the delivery of your refill or gift card.

If this is your case, don’t worry, send us an email to support@bixxus.com, create a support ticket or write to us on the WhatsApp button and we will give you the information to pay the missing amount or if it is possible and you accept that we will the recharge for the equivalent value.

Yes you can, in cases of products without stock and overpayments. Unfortunately, for successfully delivered digital products, there are no refunds. If you have not received your recharge or code, please email us at support@bixxus.com and you will receive a response within 24 hours. Please provide any useful order information you have (order ID, email address, or the phone number you are recharging)
Note: We cannot reverse orders for digital products, when placing an order please make sure you send it to the correct number/email; Make sure you also order the correct product!

All digital products are sent by email. You can also see them in My account/orders

Each product in its terms specifies the countries of use, please read them before buying.

Yes, they work worldwide, but the account must be from Netflix Colombia and use a VPN to redeem them.

No, the price of the products is not based on the US dollar price. We set the exchange rate based on the price of cryptocurrencies in Colombian pesos (COP).

We process shipments of digital products when the transfer is confirmed on the Blockchain network, this usually takes a few minutes but can sometimes take hours or days if the network is saturated or you put a super cheap shipping rate. You can enter your wallet and check if the transfer made to pay for the order has already been confirmed. If it has already been confirmed and you do not receive your product, write to us at support@bixxus.com, if it has not been confirmed you must wait for this to happen. To ensure that your order is processed quickly, choose in your wallet to pay priority shipping, an option that appears when sending in the vast majority of wallets.

The price of cryptocurrencies is volatile. When we quote a price in BTC or another cryptocurrency, we can only honor that price for about 15 minutes, after which the Bitcoin exchange rate will have changed. If your order has expired, don’t worry! Just click try again and you’ll get a new invoice, with an updated 20-minute payment window.

If you are a repeat customer, you can save money on fees by loading your Bixxus wallet in advance and making purchases from it. You save the cost of sending bitcoin and receive your products immediately. Learn how it works here.

It is also much cheaper to pay in Litecoin, Dogecoin or Bitcoin Cash than Bitcoin BTC due to network fees. If you only have bitcoin or it is easier for you to get hold of it, consider exchanging it for another cryptocurrency from the above on Binance or another exchange.

You do not need to validate your identity to buy; however, in some cases where we detect unusual activity or financial product limits are exceeded, we may require identity validation to complete the order. In accordance with this, it is important that you always make your purchases, recharges and use of services with authentic data.


We cannot give you an exact percentage of the commissions, since we do not work based on the TRM but on our own internal market. You can always check prices before a trade by clicking the top sell and buy buttons respectively.

Payments to mobile applications take a few minutes, a bank account can last a couple of hours.

Once we confirm the payment, you will receive the bitcoin in your wallet. A few minutes.

Yes, you can earn 1% of all your friends’ buy and sell trades by sharing your referral link. Earnings are debited in pesos to your account.

You can use the exchange without identity validation for amounts less than 600,000 Colombian pesos.

As a legally constituted company we are obliged to verify the identity of the clients who trade with us under current legislation to prevent money laundering and fraud.

If everything is in order, this should take less than an hour during business hours.

For the security of your account it is necessary that you have activated your two-factor authentication system.

You can activate it by downloading the Google authenticator or the Authy app.  You can see how here.

Currently we do not have payment methods other than Colombian banks. If you can pay these banks you can buy from anywhere.

You can send from any live wallet like Blockchain, Muycelium, Coinomi, Bitpay and any other software or platform that sends bitcoins through the blockchain network.

You can pay through:

  • PSE
  • nequi
  • Bancolombia
  • Éxito Shop

Only Colombian banks. We can send your money to:

  • Bancolombia
  • Davivienda
  • Banco de Bogota
  • Banks of the Aval Group
  • Nequi
  • Daviplata

We currently only buy and sell bitcoin BTC.