How to transfer balance from Binance to Daviplata

Binance a Daviplata. Como enviar fondos.
Learn how to send Binance funds to Daviplata instantly and without putting your funds at risk by selling on P2P.

Do you want to send funds from Binance to Daviplata without running the risks involved in P2P? Then read on because in this article I show you how to do it without having to deal with the risks of fraud involved in selling your cryptocurrencies to other users on Binance. Here you will learn how to transfer funds from any cryptocurrency in Binance to Daviplata or other banks directly.

We all already know what Binance is and how important it is in the crypto ecosystem so I’ll spare you that speech. Also Daviplata is the second most used App to save and send money in Colombia, so it needs no introduction.

Steps to send funds from Binance to Daviplata

The fastest and most economical way to do this is through Bixxus. We are a Colombian company dedicated to the purchase of cryptocurrencies and sale of products and services with cryptocurrencies. We have been operating since 2019 and have thousands of customers from Colombia and other countries.


  1. Enter Bixxus Colombia by clicking here.
  2. Select Daviplata
  3. Fill in the recipient’s information and the amount of money you want to receive and click Continue“. Verify that the receiver number is correct. If you make a mistake you may lose the funds.
  4. Confirm the data and click on “nish orFider”.
  5. Now the form to fill in your data will appear. Be sure to put your authentic data as you may need to validate them in case you need support.
  6. Select “Binance Pay” in the Payment options and click continue “Submit Order”.
  7. You will be redirected to Binance, you may need to authenticate to authorize the sending of the cryptocurrencies.
  8. Once in Binance you only have to select the cryptocurrency and authorize the payment.. You will receive your Daviplata balance in a few minutes.

Sending from Binance to Daviplata is safe with Bixxus

Sending money from Binance to Daviplata with Bixxus is very simple, but most importantly, it is a totally secure process. Here you are not trading with an unknown user, but with a pioneer company in the industry. You can also click on the WhatsApp button to receive immediate support or to resolve questions.

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