Bitcoin es bueno o malo

Bitcoin is good or bad?

 You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin and maybe even some pros and cons. Quite a few theories have been created around it, which leads us to wonder if Bitcoin is good or bad? We’ll talk about some aspects that will help you come up with an answer.

Cryptocurrencies in general, have become increasingly popular, now it is noticeable that the population has heard or owns some kind of cryptocurrency, among them the best known Bitcoin.

Is it good to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is one of the oldest and most popular cryptocurrencies in existence. And for those curious about cryptocurrencies, it is where most investments are presented, understanding the pros and cons of Bitcoin can help determine how advisable it is to invest in this cryptocurrency.

Pros de Bitcoin

  1. Accessibility and liquidity
  2. User anonymity and
  3. Transparency
  4. Independence from a central authority
  5. High return potential
  6. More and more businesses are using it as a means of payment.

Bitcoin cons

  1. Volatility
  2. Irreversible

Bitcoin is good or bad?

First of all, we must recognize that bitcoin is not a company, it is not an institution, and it is not an investment platform, Bitcoin goes beyond all this, it was created with one purpose: That users could make transactions with each other and then back them up in a list and verify that no coin is spent more than once.

BTC evolution

Since its inception it has had drastic changes in its price presents large ups and downs, due to different circumstances that affect it, this is one of the points that makes lead to try to decipher whether bitcoin is good or bad, but really this is just a feature that has to be decentralized and rely on the trust of the people who use it.

In its price history in dollars ($) we find:

  1. May 2010 less than $0.01

  2. February 2011 cost $1.00

  3. December 2012 cost $13.00

  4. April 11, 2013, increased to $266

  5. May 2013 down to $130
    November 2013 reached $1242

  6. December 2013 down to $1000

  7. May 2014 down to $630

  8. June 2016 increased to $750

  9. January 2017 up to $1150

  10. June 2017 reached $3000

  11. Nov 2017 peaked at $7000

  12. Dec 15, 2017 price reached $17,900 to $19,783.

  13. February 2018 down to $6,200

  14. July 2020 after 1 year rose to $10,944

  15. December 2020 rose to $19,832.

  16. January 2021 reached a new high of $34,608.

  17. February 2021 surpassed the $45,000 barrier

  18. March 2021 surpasses the $60,000 barrier

  19. October 21, 2021, reaches a new all-time high of over $66,000.

  20. April 2022 falls to $40,598.
    It is currently at $30,000



It has been noted that there are a number of advantages of holding BTC as an asset. Recently, it has captured considerable market size on a global scale. Thousands of business leaders and aspiring business leaders are thinking of integrating cryptocurrency transaction options. Bitcoin enables easy cross-border transaction options. With the help of BTC, transacting in other countries is no longer a problem.

So Bitcoin is good or bad, really if you analyze the points of view here we can deduce that it is good, since it does not affect negatively by its nature to anyone, it is a new level in the economy and a step for the advancement of digital money.

The views and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author and not necessarily those of Bixxus. Your cryptocurrency investments involve risks, and you should do your own research.


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